Why your 30’s are the perfect time for
a career change

November 5 2017  By: Nikki Vivian

I recent turned 35 and my friend very kindly pointed out that I am half way to 70. Not only did it hit home how quickly life passes by but it got me thinking that at 35, or any age in fact, it can feel like you’re deep into your career and it’s too late to make a change. If the government have their way, I have another 32 years of working. 32 years! That’s a hell of a long time to stay in a career just because it seems too late to make a change.

If you’re in your thirties like me, it may not seem like it, but it’s never too late to make a change in your career. At 35, you’re not even half way through your adult working life, in fact, your 30s are the ideal time to make a change if you’re not happy with the direction you’re going in. Here’s why:

We know what we want now

When we start out in our careers, it’s common to move in a direction that we think we ‘should’ take or maybe even that we are forced into. By the time we reach our thirties, we are in a better place to know what we enjoy and what really drives us in life. Sometimes, these things don’t align with our chosen career paths. We’ve had time to road test a career and are now in a position to assess whether it’s right for us.

We know our passions and skills

We have built up enough experience to know what we are good at by the time we reach our mid-30s. We might have pursued other things that we enjoy and are passionate about outside of work and realise that actually, these things can be put to good use in the world of work and that it is these that truly make us happy.

Family life has changed us

In our thirties, many of us have started a family. This can be a pivotal moment in how we view our careers and the reason I set up Kids to Career. It is very common to feel differently about your career after having children. Priorities change and very often, our jobs no longer work around family life.

Last year, I made the move to become entirely self-employed and I quit my job because it wasn’t making me happy. It wasn’t any easy decision to make because making a big change is a scary thing, but it was the best decision for me. I love working for myself and I love the flexibility it gives me to work around my young family.

A recent study shows that a quarter or us in the UK are unhappy in our jobs. Don’t waste your life in a job that isn’t making you happy. If you are looking to make a change I can help you. Get in touch for a chat.