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As a parent, just like you, I found it very hard to find the confidence to get my career back on track after being made redundant whilst on maternity leave. Even as a Careers Professional with 8 years experience advising people on gaining worthwhile employment, I struggled with confidence and realising the positive skills I had gained since becoming a parent that could help me on returning to work.

I set up From Kids to Career to help women like you and me, who have taken time out to raise a family, get back to a career they love or to embark on a new one. I want to help Mums (and Dads) realise we are just as capable since becoming parents, in fact more so, with so many new skills to add to our CVs. Being a Mum does NOT put you at the bottom of the pile when it comes to your career.


Through this website and the services I provide I am providing practical advice and support to help you back to a career you love or to find a new exciting path. I’m going to show you how to celebrate your new skills that you’ve gained from raising a family, and how to use them to build on the already strong set of skills and experience you have worked so hard at achieving before becoming a parent.

This is absolutely not about getting any old job. It’s not about dumbing down your skills or taking on part-time work that you don’t enjoy because ‘you’re a mum now’. If flexible working is important to fit around your family, there is no reason why it should need to be less pay and less fulfilling than before.


Take advantage of the blog and all the information available to you on how to turn your parenting experience into a reason to get back into the career you love or to find a new one.

Work with me to learn how to use your parenting experience to land your dream job.​
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“Fantastic to work with Nikki. She was very accommodating, understood what I was looking for right away, and most importantly was able to translate 10 years of work experience into 2 pages! Thanks again Nikki!”

- Jo Sindaha
“I have had a very good experience working with Nikki, she is extremely patient and adherent to her assignment. From her work I was able to land my first interview same day as I sent in the job application. I very competent copywriter, Resume writer who knows what it is exactly needed in the European market.-“
- Abela M
“Nikki was a fantastic help when I made the decision to leave teaching. She supported through the reasons I know longer sort to stay in teaching and then helped me to acknowledge the positive skills and development that I had gained through my years of teaching and my training. She listened to my likes and dislikes and helped me to navigate the wide world of work outside of teaching. Together with her own questioning system we narrowed down jobs that I would enjoy and that I could apply for with my current skills. Before meeting Nikki I had started to believe that leaving my one career meant that it was the end of having a career at all, but she helped push past my insecurities and made me realise that I do have all the skills and abilities necessary to pursue a different career. If you are at a cross roads in your career or have made a decision to leave and find yourself as lost as I did, Nikki would definitely be my recommendation”
Sarah K- Cardiff
“It was not only a pleasure but also an enrichment to work with Nikki. The cover letters were very professional, as it was also the correction of my CV. I learned a lot out of it. Additional to her professionalism, she has a very positive attitude. Only 2 hours after I sent the job application I got a positive feedback from the hiring company. That speaks for it self how good her cover letter is. I highly recommend Nikki!”
- Tamara M

“I am hard to please but the work provided was outstanding, higher than what I expected. As long as you give time to explain your needs and expectations, you can only be satisfied. I highly recommend for Nikki’s quality of work, her integrity, her desire to give quality work and willingness to go extra miles for it. A very enjoyable (work)experience!”

- Ukasha Q